Pregnancy Massage

Karin Walters RGN, ITEC, NABAP, Cert.ZB.


Receiving massage while pregnant and after the birth is extremely helpful and nourishing.

During pregnancy the heart, the lungs, the digestive system and the kidneys have to work much harder and the bones and joints have to cope with the weight gain and postural changes. Often old aches and pains become worse and this can take a lot of enjoyment out of your time of pregnancy and motherhood. As well as easing pains in the back, neck, shoulders and hips it improves the blood and lymphatic circulation, it relieves tired legs and cramps, minimises stress and fatigue, improves sleep and calms an overly active baby.

Bodywork is a powerful tool to support yourself in contacting the wisdom of your body, connecting with your baby and assisting you on your new journey into motherhood.

After the arrival of the baby bodywork will help you cope with the more challenging sides of motherhood like fatigue, sore back and shoulders and stress. By giving yourself some special attention on a regular basis you will feel nurtured and have more energy to nurture your child.

Your partner also benefits greatly from Massage and Zero Balancing. As well as helping their aching muscles from extra DIY and shopping it actually helps them feel more confident and relaxed about being at the birth and becoming a father.