Neena Beeharry – Creative Kinesiology

Jane van Spyk – Systematic Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a fast, safe, and effective system of natural health care. Using non-invasive muscle testing, it works directly with the inter relationship between body structure, chemistry, mind, emotion and spirit to identify and relieve imbalances which stop us from functioning to our fullest potential.

Kinesiology can help: allergies, chronic fatigue, dyslexia, digestion, depression, eating disorders, emotional stress, exhaustion, food intolerances, joint pain, self-esteem, menstruation, mood swings, skin and weight problems.

Kinesiology allows you to get to the root cause of your problem, identify ‘The Whys’ of your problem and can show you how to deal effectively with your problem so you can move forward.

 At the Clinic we provide both Systematic Kinesiology  and Creative Kinesiology.  Click through to discover more about these two different forms of Kinesiology.