Herbal Medicine

Melanie Shaw BSc MA (Hons) Herbal Medicine

Telephone 07411 114633


Looking for that elusive ‘joined-up healthcare’?

Tired of making separate appointments for each complaint?

Why not map out a path to better health that’s natural, sustainable and tailor-made for you?

Herbal Medicine laid the foundations of modern medicine as we know it and is still the most common form of medicine practiced worldwide today. It is essentially holistic and emphasises the promotion of health over the mere treatment of existing disease. In this country and many others, it has taken only a few generations for much of the traditional knowledge about medicinal plants to be all but lost. At the same time, we are increasingly on the lookout for a more natural approach to our health. However, without the traditional knowledge base, we are at a disadvantage to our grandparents, who would have known that natural does not necessarily equal safe. By training to the highest standards, my aim is to help people rediscover what Herbal Medicine has to offer them, in a safe manner, and as part of their overall healthcare.

Your first appointment

Your initial consultation will generally last about an hour and a half, in which I will take a full medical history, including lifestyle and diet. The consultation may also include some simple investigations, such as pulse, blood pressure and urinalysis as well as other physical examinations where appropriate.

Individual Management Plan & Treatment

Following your initial consultation, I will propose an individual management plan, which may include referral to a doctor or other qualified practitioner for further investigations or treatments, as well as a treatment strategy and advice on lifestyle and dietary factors. If Herbal Medicine is appropriate in your case, I will prepare a prescription that is tailored to your individual needs. The medicine may come in various forms, including tinctures, loose-leaf teas, lotions or creams. A prescription may consist of a single herb or herbal extract, or a blend of herbs, specifically formulated for your situation. The herbs and herbal extracts which make up the prescription are sourced from reputable suppliers and organically grown products are given preference wherever possible. Thereafter, further follow-up appointments may be scheduled as necessary to assess how the treatment strategy is working and to make any necessary changes to your individual management plan.