Alexander Technique

Fumiaki Tanaka MSAT
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What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a subtle yet powerful way to restore the natural poise we have within.

Through guidance from my hands and vocal instruction, I help my students become aware of their lifelong habits and re-establish proper alignment of the body. This process facilitates better coordination and enables the whole body to function more naturally.

This simple and subtle change in the way you use yourself can bring about profound benefits to both your mind and body.

People have Alexander Technique lessons for many reasons: back pain, neck and shoulder pain, tension head ache, RSI, or improving posture, music playing skills, horse riding, playing golf and the list goes on.
FM Alexander

FM Alexander – How it all started

FM Alexander was born in 1869 in Tasmania. As a child, Alexander showed a great interest in
poetry, especially the works of Shakespeare. His love of reciting and interpretation of the
characters naturally lead him to become an actor. His career went well until he started to develop
a throat problem.

Despite consultations with doctors and voice teachers, his condition worsened and he began to
lose his voice on a regular basis. When offered an attractive reciting job he saw the doctor again.
He reassured Alexander that if he used his voice as little as possible until the recital, he would regain his voice. The doctor’s advice worked but only until he started reciting. The hoarseness returned, and by the end of the performance he could hardly speak.

Alexander consulted the doctor yet again and was told to continue to rest his voice. However Alexander argued that despite following this advice the hoarseness returned as soon as he performed. He concluded that it must be the way he recited that caused the problem. The doctor agreed but could not tell him what he was doing wrong. At that point, Alexander decided to find
out himself and his years of investigation began.

Through lengthy experimentation he discovered that the relationship of the head, neck and back determines the functioning of the whole body. Eventually he was able to break his habitual way of using himself and improved the condition of his throat as well as his general health.