Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy


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Muscular-skeletal pain is all too common and affects millions of people in the UK every year. If you are suffering from chronic pain or have recently injured yourself, treating the soft tissues of the body with advanced clinical massage can be remarkably effective at relieving pain, stimulating healing and restoring freedom of movement.

Sarah Collier specialises in treating soft tissue pain and draws on a knowledge of anatomy, many common conditions and a range of bodywork approaches and techniques. Clients receive treatments that responds to their needs and can include:

  • Myofascial Release (different techniques to restore the mobility of connective tissue, or fascia, that has become stuck or rigid)
  • Trigger point work (treating ‘muscular knots’ that can cause significant local pain or pain that refers elsewhere in the body)
  • Soft tissue release (targets a specific area of a muscle and takes into a pain-free stretch)
  • Stretching to restore elasticity to muscle fibres (using different techniques from slow passive stretches to more active techniques e.g. use of resistance)
  • Teaching relevant self-care exercises and stretches

Add to these techniques traditional Swedish massage, deep massage, Eastern style acupressure as well as Aromatherapy and you have a profoundly effective solution for bodily aches and integrates mental and emotional needs too.

This approach is also very much about empowering clients and relevant self-care such as exercises or stretches are always offered and demonstrated as required.

For effective results, Sarah advises a series of treatments. Initially a few treatments close together (4-6 / weekly) can resolve a client’s main presenting issues and then it is advised to come for monthly ‘trouble shooting’ treatments. Appointments include a consultation and ongoing assessments.

Advanced Clincial Massage Therapy