A one day Couples Workshop

with Karin Walters

This is a one day workshop which comes highly recommended. It can be done as an addition to the weekly Natural Active Birth classes, but the course is also excellent as a one off if you are unable to do the weekly classes or just need a refresher course. The day is designed for couples and/or birth partners to be there, but if it doesn’t work for you it is always fine to come on your own.
The main aim of this workshop is to ensure that both you and your partner have the knowledge and tools required for you to have the best chance of an empowered birth experience.
The day focuses on normal physiological birth and clearly describes the advantages of a Natural Active Birth.
The course includes a lot of practical work on birth positions, breathing and chanting as a couple as well as massage. Partners find it very helpful in developing a better understanding of the birth process and greater confidence to be at the birth.
 Anatomy and physiology of birth – how is the body designed and what to expect of a normal labour.
 Optimal foetal positioning – how to get the baby into a good position before labour and how to encourage them to move if they choose an unfavourable one.
 Creating the birth environment – how to create the best conditions for a natural birth to unfold.
 Coping with pain – practising a variety of techniques
 Writing your birth plan – the guideline for what you want and for what you need from people, who are present during your labour
 Dealing with complications – sometimes labour turns out to be different than what you had hoped for. What to do and how to stay empowered. What to do to try to get back on track for a natural birth.
 The role of the birth partner – clarifying what women in labour need from their birth partners.
 Bonding – welcoming the new baby. How to create the best conditions for bonding to happen naturally.
 Early parenting – the first 6 weeks after the birth of your baby. What to expect and how to make the transition into parenthood as smooth as possible
Cost: £45 per person, £80 per couple
Place and time:
In Exeter – 10am – 5pm

For dates and more info:
Call Karin Walters on 01404 813784
karin@birthwise.net             www.birthwise.net