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Cost £42
6 Alternate weeks 7-8.45 pm
Start September & January
The Natural Health Practice, 2A Spicer Road, Exeter

AIM The course provides an introduction to basic principles underlying energy work that
can be used for personal healing/growth. It also provides a good foundation if you take up
any of the healing arts. The course gives you practical tools that if used regularly can
improve your health, your interactions with others, as well as self empower, enhance and
enrich your daily life.
METHOD There is some theory but the emphasis is on practical so you start to feel your
own energy systems. The practical involves exercises and meditations based on the topics
explored. Some exercises will use a technique called ‘muscle testing’. Exercises are done
individually, pairs and as a group. They help to increase sensitivity and awareness of the
body’s energies. Techniques to restore balance and flow of energies are given.

What do we mean by healing and energy ?
Relevance of breathing and relaxation
Exploring characteristics of consciousness
Grounding and Cosmic energy
What is the subtle lung?
Why Connection is so important & what is it?
Looking at the mechanisms through which the One energy is expressed
Another view of the Chakra energies
Principles of vibration and polarity
Concept of energetic patterns
Importance of self-healing

TUTOR Jane has been involved in spiritual growth and training for many years. She
works as a Holistic Practitioner and teacher. In addition to her orthodox complementary
health training she has also trained in the Western Mystery school teachings. The latter
combine principles of West and East but the practices are specifically geared towards the
individual who comes from the Western hemisphere. This is a refreshing change as so
much is based on Oriental wisdom which is designed for the individual from an Eastern
culture. However in her 20s she studied different branches of Yoga. She recently qualified
as a tutor for The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology as it is based on principles that she
works with. Her Introduction to Energy Healing draws on her wide experience and includes
the muscle test to help identify energy imbalances.

Contact Jane Van Spyk
01626 891811